All services begin at $2000 and are priced per installation, not hourly. Your complete investment depends on the specific requirements of your project. We offer personalized quotes based on your needs.
Our on-location holiday decorating season is just about 6-7 weeks long but our loyal clients start dreaming of their installations long before the weather turns cool. We officially open our reservation book up to the public in September after existing clients have confirmed. Once we reach 75% of our schedule capacity, we will be taking verified referrals only. 
We would love to! Once you send your booking fee we will get to work curating a look for you to fall in love with. When you give us the approval, we’ll invoice you for the materials and get your product ordered once prompt payment is received.

Booking Fees are $350 per location, and are non-refundable at any point. This fee includes your consult, initial design, travel fees, and holds your date. 
We have relationships with fabulous Christmas decor companies and hold trade accounts with many of the the most sought after fine living companies in today’s marketplace. While you are always welcome to purchase your own decor, we have access to the variety and scale you require, and we have the experience to know exactly what it takes to create the look you’ll fall in love with.

A shopping and handling fee will apply. 
We do not rent decor at this time.
We will take care of the faux trimmings (read: wreaths, garlands, illuminations, figures) while we have a list of preferred lighting companies that can make your home glisten. We do not install lighting. It will be contracted out to our trusted partners or we will work along side your chosen company. 
For some of our clients, privacy and anonymity are extremely important. We value your privacy and our relationship with you. As such, we will gladly refrain from displaying any home or business, in full or in part, at your request. 
Absolutely. This is a popular option as we get closer to Christmas and time seems to slip away from us. If you have a full array of Christmas decor and simply don’t have the time to get everything up and ready, we are at your service. If you bring out the boxes, we will create the magic. 
After a consultation and learning your preferences, we will be honored to curate the perfect collection for your home. From greenery to finishing touches, we have you covered. You can participate as much or as  little as you would like.
We just love this question! ‘‘Tis the season for giving, afterall. If you have a loved one who is unable to decorate, but could use the holiday cheer, we would love to help. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can arrange everything. 
You have decorations galore...garland, bows, Grandma’s keepsakes.... but you’ve been eyeing the same decor for years and you’re just not sure how to tie it altogether and decide what should be saved and what needs to go. Enter, Soul Tree. Sometimes a fresh eye is all it takes to spruce up and thin out a well loved collection. Sometimes, we need to add in a few new key pieces to freshen up your space. Whatever your need may be, we can guide you in the right direction. 
We do not decorate live trees. The stiff, strong branches of artificial trees lend them to a wide range decorating possibilities. Live trees tend to bend and buckle with the weight of more complicated designs, naturally occurring tree sap will be excreted from the tree in the warmth of your home and it will damage your investment ribbon and decor.

Our clients make great investments into their luxury decor and fine ribbons. If a real tree is present, Soul Tree will not be responsible for damage caused by sap, insects (Experience tells us that ALL real trees host insects of some variety no matter what the tree lot tells you.), dried out branches snapping or sagging out of shape and dropping or otherwise damaging decor, or any other damage or problems that may arise due to the nature of a real tree.

We can provide fantastic recommendations of extremely realistic faux tree options that would keep the most discerning holiday visitors guessing! Even more, we can guide you to an excellent assortment of sustainable faux trees.
Of course! We love to do this. We’ll set the stage, fluff, and light the tree, while you take a free evening to do the fun part, adorn your evergreen beauty with your favorite holiday ornaments.