My name is Ashley Pizzichillo and this is my dream realized. Over a decade ago, I opened the space for my passion of holiday decorating to come out and play, though I’ve spent a lifetime dreaming about it. One evening several years ago, I gazed upon a creation of mine and realized that if I were to describe my soul, it would look much like the glimmering tree standing proudly before me. With great intention, I began developing Soul Tree.

Decorating the Christmas tree has always been my favorite holiday tradition. The “Christmas feeling” swirled through me as I would lay below our family’s full bellied pine, wrapped in its cocoon of lights, watching the shiny ornaments twinkle and getting lost in their magic. No matter what was happening in my world, I always found peace beneath the tree (and I still do). These treasured moments fuel my love for this art. They aren't just ornaments to me. With every keepsake I place on your tree, I think of it as a backdrop to the memories your family will create for years and years to come.

As a young child I recall receiving the glorious "Christmas feeling" throughout the entire year. It has followed me throughout life and I’ve found that it’s been my heart's compass for many years. When I get that feeling, I know I'm on the correct path. My goal and hope for you is that my work leaves you overcome by the “Christmas feeling”... it is then, that I have done my job and delivered my passion... I've shared with you a part of my soul.

A Soul Tree.
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